APEC working on Public-Private Partnerships to Reduce Food Losses in Supply Chains

Council of Agriculture, Taiwan

Chinese Taipei is pleased to announce that the international seminar entitled APEC Seminar on Strengthening Public-Private Partnership to Reduce Food Losses in the Supply Chain will be held on August 5-8, 2013 in Taipei, which is an activity under the APEC Multi-Year Project proposed by Chinese Taipei.

Since APEC is composed of developed and developing economics, the issue on food loss raises more concerns to developing economies whereas the food waste issue to developed economies. It is of vital importance to strengthen partnership among public and private sectors of APEC economics on reducing post-harvest losses and waste as well as enhancing food quality and safety, so as to contribute to food security in the Asia-Pacific region.

This five-year project is designed to be carried out in three phases, including:

Phase I (2013): A three-day seminar will be held in August 2013 in Chinese Taipei, providing(1) To identify key issues on governing post-harvest food losses and costs in the supply chain in the Asia-Pacific region; (2) To promote experience-sharing and capacity-building on reducing food losses on wheat, maize and cassava and facilitate technical development; (3) To formulate the methodology of food losses assessment in order to evaluate the stratagem on food loss; (4) To establish a toolkit and database for the private sectors to assess relative knowledge on preventing food from loss.

Phase II (2014-2016): The annual seminar will be hold and the different themes of post-harvest losses as follows: (1) fruit and vegetables in 2014; (2) fishery and livestock products in 2015; (3) food wastes issues occurred on the food consumption in 2016.

Phase III (2017): A high-level policy dialogue will be launched to synthesize the previous progress of the project and to generate the final conclusion of the outcomes in the past five year.

During the three-day seminar, the themes include (1) Identifying key issues, such as, post-harvest food losses in costs in the supply chain; (2) APEC private sector’s best practices in reducing post-harvest losses and costs on food crops; (3) Next steps and action plans for reducing post-harvest losses and costs in APEC. Chinese Taipei is greatly honored to invite you to attend the seminar, and looking forward to welcoming you to join this activity on August 5-8, 2013 in Taipei.