Latest BERI Report Ranks Taiwan World’s 3rd-Best Place to Invest

The U.S. Business Environment Risk Intelligence (BERI) ranked Taiwan the third-best place to invest in the world and the second-best place to invest in Asia in its latest "Business Risk Report" issued in April.

May 10, 2013

Taiwan was the second-safest place worldwide in terms of the operation risk sub-index, just behind first-placed Singapore, according to the report.In addition, the country has made progress in other sub-indices, including policy continuity, long-term lending and venture capital funds.

In terms of political risk index, BERI ranked Taiwan as the seventh-safest place worldwide, up from eighth place in the previous survey. It followed Singapore, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Germany and Finland in this area. In Asia, Taiwan ranked second.

Improving relations between Taiwan and China has contributed greatly to Taiwan's progress in the political risk index, the official noted.

Taiwan was deemed to have the second-lowest foreign exchange risk worldwide, behind only the Netherlands.

Maintaining its rating of Taiwan's business environment as "1B," BERI suggested that investors continue investing in the nation, citing the government's efforts to improve international economic and trade relations, particularly an initiative to sign free-trade agreements with other countries.

In addition, BERI also expects Taiwan to maintain friendly relations with China in the next five years. It forecast that Taiwan will receive 73 points this year to maintain its third-place global ranking.

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