ICF Names Taichung as the Intelligent Community of 2013

The Intelligent Community Forum named Taichung City, Taiwan as the Intelligent Community of 2013 on Friday, June 7th 2013. Taichung also received this great recognition last year when it was nominated among the Top 7 intelligent communities.

“Mayor Hu was determined to put Taichung in a league with the world's great cities, both economically and culturally. His legacy is now established. Taichung and Mayor Hu will be known for having brought to the world’s attention a city few heard of, but who are an example of Intelligent Community development for the 21st Century.” said ICF co-founder Louis Zacharilla.

Strong industrial technology cluster and a robust small business sector contribute the low 4.4% unemployment rate in Taichung. Its leadership is also dedicated to make the city an iconic location for people outside of Taiwan. It attracts 400,000 visitors annually, many of who go its Greenway Calligraphy area.

In addition to tourist attractions, Taichung creates “happy,” quality of life. Taichung came first in the “best retiree-friendly city” survey of Global Views Magazine in 2012. Taichung also won the Award for “Culture and Art City” issued by the British World Leadership Forum in 2007.