Taiwan's Innovation Study Group Visits Massachusetts

On September 8, a Taiwanese business innovation and training delegation of 20 from various industries as well as academia visited Massachusetts on a 6-day trip. The delegation's project was sponsored by Taiwan’s Ministry of Economic Affairs, and organized by Taiwan’s Chinese Productivity Center (CPC). 

The group was led by Dr. Chester Ho, President and CEO of TaiAn Technologies (Eminent/Eminent II venture capital), and the visit aimed to enhance exchange in business model innovation as well as cooperation in exploring business opportunities between Massachusetts and Taiwan. The members attended a business model innovation workshop organized by Innosight in Lexington, and visited a number of organizations, including the Cambridge Innovation Center (a renowned start-ups incubator and accelerator), Nova Biomedical (a biosensor developer and marketer), MIT’s Media Lab, E Ink Corp. (an e-paper technology developer and e-reader manufacturer) and Bolt Innovation Center (the first ever hardware start-ups incubator and accelerator in Boston).

Massachusetts is known worldwide for its talent pool, innovative capability and start-up culture. The members had great opportunities to exchange a wide range of ideas and experiences with the companies and institutions that they visited, and as a result there were also several discussions on cooperation opportunities down the road. The delegation successfully concluded their trip on September 13.