Celebrating July 4th in Taiwan

June 29, 2016

At the Independence Day Reception hosted by the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), Vice President Chien-jen Chen congratulated the United States for its 240th birthday. He celebrated the shared values that Taiwan and the United States held – including freedom, democracy, human rights, peace and the rule of law which built a strong foundation for the bilateral relationship.

This is a strong foundation has built a strong Taiwan-U.S. in bilateral cooperation in various fields—from trade, to humanitarian assistance, to cyber security. Key dialogue and partnership platforms Vice President Chen raised included the "Trade and investment framework agreement" (TIFA), the "Digital Economy Forum" (DEF), and the new "Global Cooperation and Training Framework" (GCTF) that was launched last year which is a platform that identifies innovative ways to expand cooperation in fields such as empowerment of women, public health, bridging the digital divide, global energy security, among others.

In addition to Vice President Chen, former Vice President Vincent Siew and the head of the Control Ms. Yuan Po-Ya Chang were also present alongside numerous dignitaries to celebrate July 4th.