EPA Administrator Marks the First U.S. Cabinet Level Visit to Taiwan in 14 Years

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Gina McCarthy visited Taiwan on April 14 in order to commemorate 20 years of U.S.-Taiwan cooperation on environmental issues and to lay the foundation for broader bilateral cooperation in the future. The trip marked the first time a U.S.-cabinet level official has visited Taiwan in nearly 14 years.

McCarthy met with President Ma Ying-jeou as well as senior environmental officials in Taiwan, including the Minister of the Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Wei Kuo-yen. Ma expressed hope that McCarthy's visit would mark a new chapter in U.S.-Taiwan environmental cooperation.

McCarthy attended the inauguration of the International Environmental Partnership in Taipei, which will allow for the U.S. and Taiwan to share expertise on environmental matters.

During the trip, McCarthy also visited an elementary school in New Taipei and delivered a speech at National Taiwan University.