Taiwan Trade and Investment: Creating and Supporting American Jobs

September 1, 2016

This year, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Taipei Economic and Culture Representative Office published the booklet "Taiwan Trade and Investment: Creating and Supporting American Jobs" to showcase, state-by-state, the impressive economic impact of U.S.-Taiwan bilateral trade and investment.

Two-way trade between the U.S. and Taiwan in 2015 totaled $66.6 billion, making Taiwan the 9th largest trading partner for the United States overall, and its 14th largest export market. The United States is Taiwan’s second-largest trading partner and a key destination for Taiwan’s overseas investors. U.S. Government data estimates that U.S. exports to Taiwan, combined with Taiwan’s investment in the United States, supports 323,456 wellpaid U.S. jobs.

This booklet details how Taiwan is contributing to U.S. economic growth and prosperity. It tells the story about Taiwan’s confidence in expanding trade and investment ties with the United States, and how Taiwan’s companies add to U.S. prosperity, create jobs and contribute to America’s future success.

Trade and investment flows between two countries show concretely how the partners look to each other for expanding economic cooperation and opportunity. Such flows indicate an affinity and “good will” between the partners that spills over into many areas, including business relationships, consumer choices and people-to-people exchanges. This booklet shows that Taiwan is a vibrant and dynamic economic partner with the United States, and a potential bilateral trade agreement will create even more avenues for cooperation. Taiwan and the United States should be ready to seize these opportunities.

Click here to download the booklet.